Vox: Pairing Cheat Sheet – No matter the occasion, wine and cheese are called for

Graphic by Barbara Maningat

Just in case you’re running a bit short on time to download an app, or your phone is dead, or you have no internet access (in which case, we question how you are reading this), we’ve created this handy graphic. It’s inspired by our Cheese Cupid app story, to help you pick your perfect pairing. View published graphic.


Vox: The Hidden Lives of Mules


This Vox magazine front-page feature appeared as a splash page online. A full text article covering the history and significance of mules in Missouri, photos and multimedia videos can be found on the website.

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The mule is the state animal of Missouri — but how much do we really know about them? At an auction barn in Boone County, Vox Magazine takes a look at the history of Missouri mules.

*I shot video, conducted interviews and produced the package for web.


“I can’t think of any better ambassadors for the school than the mules, besides the students,” Dr. John Dodam, associate dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, said during a campus tour in the mule cart. The mules, Tim (always on the left) and Terry, are active members of the Columbia community. They give campus tours and hayrides and participate in many activities with the students at the veterinary school as part of the MU Mule Club.

*I produced the package for web.